Apartments "DEA CAELI" 20270 Vela Luka
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Apartments Dea Caeli

Apartment 1 (4+2): Accommodation size 85m2, Balcony/terrace 20m, sea view, two bedrooms, kitchen, Livingroom, Bathroom, washing machine, Dishwasher, coffee machine, SATV, internet.

Apartment 2
(4+2): Accommodation size 70m2, Balcony/terrace 20m, sea view, two bedrooms, kitchen, Livingroom, Bathroom, washing machine, Dishwasher, coffee machine, Air conditioner, internet, SATV.

Apartment 3
(3+2): Accommodation size 60m, Balcony/terrace 20m (no sea view), kitchen, Livingroom, two bedrooms, Bathroom, Dishwasher, internet, SATV, Air conditioner.


Vela Luka

Vela Luka is located on the western part of the island of Korcula at the bottom of a sharply cut and wide bay indented by many private coves.

The surrounding slopes descend slowly to the sea, covered with vineyards and olive , fig and pine trees. Vela Luka, with its typical mediterranean surroundings, is the ideal place to have your relaxing vacation...

On the hill spilinski rat, Northeast of the village, on about 100 m attitude above sea-level, is the Vela Spila (the big cave) - the most significant pre-historic deposit of Korcula. the rich Neolithic culture of the “Circle of Hvar” (3200 before Christ) communicated over sea with the neighbours of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.


Island of Proizd

At the very entrance to the Vela Luka bay, lies the island of Proizd - one of the true pearls of the Adriatic.
Nature abundantly bestowed upon it its most precious gifts: crystal clear sea, sparkling white pebbles and air rich in the soothing fragrance of Mediterranean vegetation.



To make your holiday more interesting and eventful, you can choose from some of these activities. Korcula island gives you numerous possibilities to discover its beauty, which both ancient Greeks and Romans longed for.


Korcula Island

Korcula Island undoubtedly holds a privileged position among the Croatian islands. Here are perhaps more legends, tales and monuments than anywhere else.

The island has a number of famous towns including Korcula, Lumbarda and Vela Luka. The oldest written monument in Croatia, the "Lumbardska psefizma", in Greek, was found in Lumbarda.

According to legend, Korcula was established by the Trojan hero Anthenor in the 12th century BC. Korcula is, after Lokrum and Mljet, the third most densely wooded island of Croatia. There is much evidence of a highly-developed social life on Korcula even in the 13th century. The Statute of Korcula, signed in 1214, prohibited the slave trade for the first time in Europe. It also spoke about the order and management of the city. The famous travel writer, Marco Polo, was, according to sources, born in Korcula.